TOHS 2020 - 78

"Tips" for New Families

(Note:Information and timelines listed below may not apply during COVID19)

Welcome to TOHS Boys Basketball! If this is your first experience with high school basketball, here is some information that may be useful.

During the fall and spring, your student will still practice with the basketball team, unless he plays another sport during those seasons.

SUMMER: Practices start in June and there will be summer teams with tournaments.  Please note that what team your son plays during on the summer does not necessarily translate to what team he will be playing on during the season.

FALL: Once school starts, your student will have P.E. as his last period, 7th period which will be basketball. If your student is participating in a fall sport, such as football, he will start basketball after the fall sport finishes.

When the fall sport completes, your student must do the following:

  • Go to the athletic office to collect the transfer form and complete
  • Get signature of the Head Coach of the sport your player is leaving to release your son from that sport
  • Take the form to Coach Endres.

TRY-OUTS: Try-outs are held at the end of October. Players that don’t make the team will be informed on the last night of try-outs. There may be some overlap with your student’s fall sport, so he may be attending two practices a day, but only for a few days.

TIP OFF NIGHT: The teams are announced at Tip-off Night in early November. This is a proud night for the boys, and this is when you fill out forms, sign up for volunteer spots, and buy your gear.

At tip-off night, you will sign forms, give donations, purchase merchandise and collect player jerseys. Jerseys are returned at the end of the season. 

VOLUNTEER: Families are expected to volunteer. There are many jobs that need to be done, with varying levels of commitment. This makes the season run smoothly for our boys, plus it’s a great way to meet the families of your student’s teammates! Tip: if you volunteer for the Snack Shack, it’s only for one game (Frosh, Frosh/Soph, JV, or Varsity). 

FUNDRAISING: The TOHS basketball program depends on the booster club to raise funds to pay our coaches’ salaries, uniforms, warm-ups, tournaments, extra gym time, etc.  Our main fundraising is our media guide and our fall fundraiser (poker night or golf tournament).  Everyone’s help is needed in making these fundraisers a successful so please do your part by selling media guide ads and gathering support for our poker night or golf tournament.

PRACTICES: During the season, practices are held in the evenings, so your student will get out of school early, rather than going to 7th period. There may be some practices on Saturdays as well.

TOURNAMENTS: In November and December, the team competes in tournaments. Some of the games may be late in the evening, especially including travel time, and they may occur on a school night. This only happens a few times, though. Tournaments can occur during the Thanksgiving break, and certainly will occur during the winter break.

During league play, the Freshman Boys play at 3pm, followed by the Frosh/Soph at 4:30, JV at 6:00 and Varsity at 7:30. The cost to get in is $5 per person. Seniors, are free.